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8 May 2011

When any pharmaceutical company synthesizes a new medicinal preparation, it patents its name and carries out a full range of every possible researches from clinical to experimental. In their course are defined: exact formula, efficiency of the preparation, all side effects. On this preparatory stage leaves till 10 years. If to consider that the patent for a medicine stands out on the average for 20 years (sometimes on 25), for the remained 10-15 years of «exclusive using» the producer should enclose considerable funds in an advertising campaign that by means of mass purchases to "beat off" cost of the spent millions on tests and to get profit. Clear business that the price of such original medicine will be essential. Path to buy anafranil online or buy prednisone 10 mg What occurs after period of validity of the patent? The right to production of the same preparation, but under other name any other company can already get.